Axiom – APG Mexico Construction Well Under Way

Axiom - APG: Construction continues at our newest facility in Guanajuato, Mexico, located just 30 minutes north of Queretaro City in Parque Opcion.

A network of Free Trade Agreements and an open economy make Mexico one of the most competitive countries in the world. Numerous OEM companies have built manufacturing facilities in the country, maintaining a need for dedicated supply to fuel the industry. Axiom recognizes this as well as the need for an injection molding supplier that is capable of manufacturing large, 2K components in the region.

The facility construction is projected for completion in mid to late 2016, with equipment and machinery operating shortly after. The specific need for large tonnage presses, with and without 2K capability, is clear and Axiom Group intends to provide this ability with the appropriate tools.

As our economic footprint grows, Axiom remains excited and confident in its ability. A grand opening will unveil the Guanajuato facility to the press when construction is complete and the facility will begin production after. Stay tuned for further developments.