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Engineering Capability

We listen to our customers and actively look for challenging opportunities to better our capabilities and further our expertise. With NX / Catia / Advanced Mold Flow - Cool and Warp Analysis and FEA - CAE capabilities, Axiom provides complete "Black Box" design and engineering support.


We provide complete product design services along with modular prototype development, manufacturing feasibility and optimization, assembly and additional testing and validation services. We offer our engineering services within each of our international divisional group locations. Helping our customers succeed in building, designing and creating solutions is part of our DNA.




State of the Art


At Axiom, all of our divisions invest in the latest manufacturing methodology, systems, equipment and training. We believe that investing in the best methods and technology are vital in the manufacturing industry. Our commitment to this belief contributes significantly to our growth as a company and continued success with our clients. World-class manufacturing requires this kind of dedication, and we hold this as one of our core values as a business.