At APG Mexico we deliver the highest quality product with the greatest technical support, providing our customers with a solution that challenges the status quo. Completely vertically integrated with North American tooling as well as part development. APG Mexico is an industry leader in the automotive plastics manufacturing sector.

Intex Tooling Technologies

Intex Tooling Technologies Inc. utilizes the latest engineering systems and manufacturing principles from initial product development through the final tool build. Quality control is at the core of our fully integrated approach. Our starting point is knowledge. Add experience, a proven process, and unparalleled product development capabilities and you have a full-service advanced engineering team that is committed to success.

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Smart Attend

Smart Attend gives you unparalleled access to operational and production data so that you can make faster and smarter business decisions. Far more than just a monitoring tool, Smart Attend helps you access your true manufacturing potential.Visit our website now, to find out how you can improve your manufacturing efficiency.